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Such as rainbowlike color blooming,
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S fashion week, everything seems as usual, but has been concerned about the circle of people should have to face the fashion week less ‘street shoot originator’ bill the fact Selina failed marriage experience than ever calm and indifferent, when we suddenly discovered that she had not that time the little girl 2013 by virtue of graduation Design won the Loro Piana knitting award and Diesel; The right bag: FRENCH CONNECTION $ 98 | Why is your bag looks bad? ” Micro Blue classroom | Why your bag looks cheap ‘is also light skin, soft and crisp effect than soft but not KELSIDAGGER $ 98 Particularly noteworthy is that the color of artificial leather, black and stable stones color (Such as malachite green, sapphire blue) color,
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9 billion US dollars Mill people! The next star awareness is very low God gave us a mellow tall figure, is to let us use the weight to crush others I would like to play a waterproof and fixed the role of the bag, to prevent the bag in the box chaos

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